Unattended Service Station The Ghost Station

Ghost Station (Unattended Retail Cardlock)

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Look what AGI can design and build in partnership with a local petroleum contractor. 

A turnkey system with final figure pricing and local service and support.

AGI would like to introduce you to our UNATTENDED aboveground service station. The Ghost Station consists of a DOUBLE WALL Envirotank with a card reader capable of processing CREDIT CARDS.

The Ghost Station will allow you to:

  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Permit 24 hour operation.
  • Increase sales volume.
  • Increase net profits.

Standard System Features

ULC Labeled Aboveground Envirotank

The Ghost Station ships as a TURNKEY SYSTEM.
Everything required to MEET THE FIRE CODE can be included. (signs, collision protection, fire extinguishers….)
Once delivered to site the system can be up and running in days.
Because everything is aboveground it is an asset that can be RELOCATED if required.

Optional Features

Bottom tank fill points.
Service centers, garbage cans,  fire extinguishers, warning decals etc…
Top or bottom loading racks.
Security cameras with internet access.
Underground piping to island.
Tank gauging via internet.
Oil water seperators.
Self serve consoles and or point of sale systems.
Oil & anti-freeze vending
Signage mounted on top of tank.

The EnviroHood

EnviroHood houses the electrical panel and card reader.
With the electrical and phone panels intergal to the tank it is not necessary to setup external poles that are hard to salvage if the system is relocated.
The Envirohood also protects your card reader and client from Canada’s harsh winters.  Let your customers get in out of the snow and wind to use your card reader.

The Card Reader

The card reader accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover, American Express, and private cards.
Monitor your Ghost Station from any remote PC with a modem.
Remotely retrieve sales, change pricing on dispensers, activate cards, deactivate cards and give customers discounts.
Export data into your existing accounting system or use the windows software included with the card reader.

Other Standard Components

High & Low speed Dispenser with ATC.
Pump platforms with containment for dispensers.
Submersible turbine pumps.
AGI’s internal piping with necessary valves.
Service Station lights.
On site assembly and electrical install by experienced petroleum contractors.