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AGI Team

AGI is committed to our people. We recognize that recruiting, retention and engagement are keys to the success of any company. AGI is a 150 people strong. 100 people in the shop and 50 people in the field. Our employees are some of the most skilled trades people and professionals in Saskatchewan.

  • Office Manager: Shanon Heather
  • Production Support & Purchasing: Jack Fines & Erin Mallas
  • Production Manager: April Debler
  • Controller: Ken Kernohan
  • Quality Control: Wade Burton & Darryl Brickland
  • Accounting Admin: Brittney Sandulak & Chelsea Edwards
  • Drafting & Design: Roland Jensen, Peter Brown, Noel Cempron, Daniel Tao, Quan Yi Liu, Rainer Janssen, Kaysor Khan and Varinder Thandi
  • Shipping: Mathieu Bourgeois
  • Director of Operations: Jeff Burton
  • Reception: Valerie Fossen
  • Safety: Milt Myers
  • Document Control: Andrea Harrabek
  • Estimating: Nina Kaur