Leading Fabricator & Erector of Tanks, Pressure Vessels & Other Plate Works

We design & build environmentally safe storage.

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Steel Storage Tanks in Saskatchewan

AGI Envirotank is a leading fabricator and erector of steel storage tanks with more than 27 years of experience. We design and build a wide range of tanks. We are committed to offering our customers affordable solutions for all their containment needs.

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Environmentally Safe Tanks

We design and build environmentally safe tanks for use in major industries like oil and gas, mining, transportation, construction, waste management, bulk and retail storage and service, and more.

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Mission & Vision

AGI Envirotank’s service philosophy is simple. We provide our customers with all the services and support they need.

  • Site planning
  • Evaluation
  • Configuration
  • Environmental approval process
  • System design

Why Choose Us

We have the willingness, knowledge, and experience. Other competitor's employees change on a regular basis. We have kept our staff together since the beginning. You can talk to the same people as you spoke to 27 years ago.

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What We Offer

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    AGI Envirotank has been building tanks for 27 years. All of our founders are still active in the company.

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    Not all tanks are Envirotanks. AGI builds a quality tank with our Tank Mill and Vertical Decoilers. Proprietary technology

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    AGI Envirotank has a safety program and several construction safety officers on staff. AGI's fabrication shop has received WCB Certificates of Achievement for the last 12 years in a row. We are consistently better than our competitors according to WCB.

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    With our new Tank, Mill, AGI Envirotank can build tanks faster than anyone in the industry. We save. You Save.

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    AGI Envirotank provides small-town service where we know you by name, yet we are the largest private tank fabricator in Canada. AGI has full-time Engineers on staff.


What We Do?

Who We Are

AGI Envirotank is a leading manufacturer of steel storage tanks. Our tanks are built to ULC, UL, API, and D55 design standards. We are committed to offering our customers affordable solutions for all their tankage needs. We find different ways to design a tank or pumping system that fits your requirements.

AGI Envirotank has been in business for over 26 years and we are the tank experts. Our founders and owners are all active in the day-to-day operations of the company. The sales staff here has more than 20 years of experience and helps clients choose the right tank. We have a seat on the ULC committee and we help write ULC standards.

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