Company Overview

Who We Are

AGI Envirotank is a leading fabricator and erector of the strongest Steel Storage Tank. We design and build environmentally safe tanks for use in every major industry- oil and gas, mining, transportation, construction, waste management, bulk and retail storage and service, and more. AGI is committed to giving our customers affordable solutions to all their containment needs. If there is a better way to design a tank or delivery system to fit your requirements... we will find it.

A group of men are working on a plan for a liquid system.

Custom Manufacturing

AGI manufactures a complete range of tank sizes and designs. In partnership with experienced petroleum contractors we are able to, supply all the necessary components, including pumps, dispensers, bollards, spill containers, and electrical accessories. Our product are built to API, AWWA, D55, ULC or UL standards. And because every industry-and every customer-has their own needs, AGI customizes our product to suit your application. Whatever features you need built into your tanks or tank sites, we have the design and engineering to do it.

Complete Customer service At AGI , Our service philosophy is simple: give the customer all Complete Customer servicethe support they need. Our personnel have experience in site planning, evaluation and configuration, the environmental approval process, and system design. Responsive service is apart of every AGI package. We not only customize our products, we customize our service to meet your needs.

We offer the option of long - term site development. Through site evaluation and customer consultations, we identify immediate component needs, as well as future expansion requirements.

We offer experienced consulting at the site development stage, including site evaluation and configuration, to help design and plan systems that meet specific industry and customer needs. Complete, responsive service is all part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring customer's systems, once installed, incorporate the latest technology and function safely and cost-effectively over the long-term.

While your custom tanks are being manufactured, AGI can supply you with rental tanks, complete with dispensers, to meet your immediate storage needs and ensure uninterrupted service for your customers-all at a reasonable cost.

A man is working on a large piece of metal.

Designed for Industry
Containment is a growing concern in all industries today. Safety, reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness-all are part of the equation when you are looking for containment systems. Envirotanks from AGI are an effective, affordable solution to containment across the petroleum sector.
Long , flat sheets of steel are rolled and tack welded into individual tank sections.

A man is welding a pipe in a room.

Applications in the Field
AGI puts our tanks to work in the field in a variety of ways - at service stations, jobber bulk farms, airports, natural gas well, oil wells, oil batteries, generator sites and waste oil applications. Our first-hand experience gives us a working knowledge of the special requirements of specific industries.
Several rolled sections are seam-welded to make the tank body

A man is welding in a room with a machine.

Team Work
The sales and production team at AGI is the best in the business. We have experienced personnel in our Saskatchewan head office and manufacturing facility, and in regional sales offices across Canada. AGI's sales representatives offer one-on-one customer service and on-site consultation. They have experience in up stream and down stream petroleum industries, and are committed to ensuring AGI storage tanks meet the special needs of your industry.
After the main tank has been inserted into the secondary containment, the ends are welded and ground to a smooth finish.

A person with a mask on.

A.G.I. continues to enhance our client base by expanding our sales reach into the United States, and international markets. In order to provide complete customer service, AGI supplies many of the components and accessories used in conjunction with our tank products. Through our comprehensive parts inventory, our knowledgeable staff can fit the right component to the right application. Our production department is managed and staffed by experienced people with backgrounds in manufacturing and steel fabrication. Their expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of environmental tanks enhances our ability to adapt products to the specific needs of individual customers.

A man standing in a warehouse.

Skids are welded onto a horizontal Envirotank preparation for sandblasting and painting
By continually updating our Quality Assurance and Control Program (QACP), our experienced Quality Control Officer ensures that all AGI products provide safe, reliable, year-round containment for every customer application.
A.G.I. maintains its own in-house parts department to ensure the manufacturing process can proceed smoothly


The BETTER way

A.G.I. backs all our products with complete customer support. We will work with your planning and installation contractors to deliver the most efficient system for your needs. This means we not only customize our tanks, we customize our service to meet your specific needs. High quality standard and optional features, product customization, and customer support services combine to make AGI Envirotanks one of the most reliable and cost-effective means of containment available.