Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Single Wall Stainless Steel Fertilizer Tanks

  Single Wall Fertilizer Tanks – welded inside and out
Standard Features
Proffessionally Engineered3 inch suction flange c/w internals3 inch circulation flange c/w internalsPickled and PassivatedLifting lugsAPI nameplate & nameplate bracketSeal welded on the inside
Optional Features
2 inch fill & discharge valve kits3  inch fill & discharge valve kitsLadder & cageLarge 24″ manhole with repad
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Dimensional Chart
CapacityTank Dia.Tank HeightTank AreaWeight
Series 1  InsideFloor & 1st Course 
45,460 L (10,000 Gal)138″192″ 790 sqft321 sqft6,400 lbs
70,500 L (15,500 Gal)138″288″ 1,080 sqft321 sqft8,600 lbs
Series 2
95,920 L (21,100 Gal)168″264″1,278 sqft418 sqft10,360 lbs
121,650 L (26,760 Gal)168″336″1,540 sqft418 sqft12,500 lbs
156,800 L (35,500 Gal)168″432″1,893 sqft418 sqft15,200 lbs
Series 3
156,800 L (35,500 Gal)183″360″1,810 sqft471 sqft14,500 lbs
186,300 L (41,000 Gal)183″432″2,100 sqft471 sqft16,800 lbs