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AGI Envirotank Ltd builds large rectangle tanks right here in Canada. So why purchase tanks built in China sold via the Aussies or the Brits when you can buy Canadian?

We are Canadian. We pay Canadian taxes. We employ Canadians. Our tanks are built with Canadian steel.

Canadian tanks at the same cost as Chinese tanks because we sell direct.

Case Study

Click here to see the case study where AGI repaired a Syncrude tank that was sold to Syncrude via the Aussies who had no repair facility in Canada. During AGI’s repair of this foreign fabricated tank AGI made a serious discovery …. Click here to find out more.


 ULC or UL listed

 The lockable integral cabinet is secure using shipping container hardware. All ports and fittings are secure. The cabinet catches all spills and drips.

  The double-walled, fully contained design eliminates the need for secondary berms, dikes or liners.

The EnviroContainer is built to ISO Container Dimensions and has shipping container corners where I-Beam skids can be locked to the tank.

Dimensional Chart 
Capacity Litres Length Width HeightFeatures
 31,400 L238.5”(6058mm)95.984”(2438mm)114”(2896mm)cabinet & inspection platform
 68,800 L479.84”(12188mm)95.984”(2438mm)114”(2896mm) cabinet & inspection platform
 83,500 L575.98”(14630mm)95.984”(2438mm)114”(2896mm) cabinet & inspection platform