Rectangle Waste Oil Tank


Rectangle Envirotanks, manufactured by AGI, are a safe, clean and conscientious method to store waste oil. 

Your rectangle Envirotank can be placed neatly in the corner of any commercial yard.

  These tanks were conveniently designed so they would fit in the back of a pick up truck.

Standard Features
bullet ULC labeled
bullet 110% containment
bullet Square waste oil dump box c/w mesh screen (for draining filters)
bullet 2" camlock and suction tube contained in dump box for product removal
bullet Normal vent for primary and secondary tanks.


bullet Two 2" spare couplers (for future waste oil transfer system)
bullet Lift lugs

Sandblasted to SSPC-SP6 (brush blast)


Rust resistant epoxy primer


Enamel top coat

Optional Features



Transfer System






Height   Weight
 1,250 L 65.5" 48" 31.5" 780 lbs
2,500 L 120" 48" 31.5" 1290 lbs
5,000 L 120" 48" 63" 2650 lbs




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